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What is “good” ROI with Link Building?

Yesterday I had the honour of speaking on the main stage at BrightonSEO, my talk was titled “The Power of Backlink Discovery” (you can find the slides here).

Just really quickly I’d like you to join me in thanking Kelvin Newman and team for all of the hard work they put into this event – they really have built a world class conference that I know I’ll be attending for years to come!

As for my experience, it was a huge pleasure to meet those of you that I did and I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response I received after yesterdays talk – a giant thank you to each of you for attending and for your kind words. Now let’s get down to business shall we?

Link Building ROI Checklist

I did indeed promise a checklist to help implement the backlink discovery and monitoring stage into your link building process. You can access the checklist in PDF form by clicking this button:

Download ROI Checklist

The Purpose of the PDF

Remember when I said yesterday that I couldn’t come up with a “rule of thumb” for what good ROI is with link building? Well I totally still can’t, but this checklist should help! The idea behind the checklist is to really get you thinking about what you’re trying to achieve with your link building campaign so that you can nail down what good ROI is for you.

Is this really all there is to it?

Now, the checklist isn’t exhaustive, and nor should it be, but hopefully it’ll get your mind going in the right direction when it comes to determining what good ROI actually is with your link building activities.

When should I use this?

I recommend using this checklist whenever you start a new link building campaign. Tick off whichever goal applies and set some solid (achievable, start small!) numbers in place of each ‘X’ in each of those statements. What you’ll end up with then is a reference point throughout your campaign that ensures that you’ll never lose sight of what you’re trying to do or what success is for you with this campaign.

Link building can be likened to a race – you can’t win if you don’t know where the finish line is. Good luck in your link building endeavours and I hope this resource helps you stay on track!

As always, if you’ve got any questions about this, my talk or even what I had for lunch, shoot me a tweet @digitaldabbler.

P.S. Thanks to Richard Coatsworth for the cover image!

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