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The Tipping Point 2012

It was an eerie mid-December evening when I decided to step up. The torrent of free drinks nearly drunk dry, the atmosphere rife with chatter and festivity, I seized my first moment, nay, my only moment. Stepping into the spotlight the room quietened, what was once joyous now eager, waiting.

OK let’s cut the crap, as much as I’d love to describe all of my life experiences in a Tolkien-esque way, I’m in digital marketing, we’re not linguists, plus I can’t draw maps that well. In reality I’ve always loved knowledge exchange, from explaining stuff to classmates to learning stuff from classmates (I told you I wasn’t a linguist). It seems natural progression led me to believing in sharing my knowledge and ideas in a more public setting, I’m thankful for this as it threw me into my first public talk at the Brighton Social Media meet up in December.

I stumbled across this monthly pub meet up in my twitter feed, and for this I’d like to not only say thank you to twitter for existing, but also to Brandwatch, for tweeting about this! It was about the November meet up, there was a free drink involved and I couldn’t really say no, all it took was for me to wear a Fresh Egg sticker, I’m sure SiteVisibility didn’t mind too much! I found myself sat in The Globe, thoroughly enjoying the presentations, the people and the discussion that followed and jumped at the chance. I asked the father of Brighton Social Media, David Somerville, and luckily he said yes, and for this I thank you too!

I spoke about The Tipping Point, a book written by journalist Malcolm Gladwell in 2000, and how it could apply to today’s marketing campaigns. In case you’re not convinced my presentation includes but is not limited to:

  • An Afro
  • The Titanic
  • The Avengers
  • Gangnam Style

I talk about social movements as epidemics and the key players in starting these epidemics, most importantly I give some tips on how to get these key players onto your team, see the video and the presentation below. You could even check out a post written by me about the experience here on SiteVisibility’s blog.

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