How To Review Schema

How To: Review Schema

I love working with the guys at SiteVisibility because there’s always a chance to learn. I had been working for the company a matter of weeks and within the blink of an eye found myself at my very first BrightonSEO. It was at this excellent conference that I was invited, as part of the SiteVisibility team, to attend the “Microformats, Schema & Rich Snippets Training” workshop held by Richard Baxter, the founder and Director at SEOgadget.

The session was great, Richard covered everything you needed to know to solidify any understanding you had previously of the various forms of structured data. He explained how the use of structured data is going to be a great contribution to the future of search, the capabilities of marking up your information with various Schemas, as well as the differences between Microformats, and Rich Snippets. We participated in a tutorial devised by Richard to introduce us to the basics of structured data, this consisted of marking up plain HTML with Product Schema.

It was this workshop, more specifically the tutorial, that inspired me to make a little free document that followed the same principle. Hopefully explaining in a straightforward way, my aim is to show how your HTML should look after marking it up with the various properties specifically for product review data. I quickly cover what is and how it works, with a concise list of bullet points to explain a coded example.

I’d love for you to take a look, it’s free, go on!

Click here for the guide

With thanks to JD Hancock for the featured image.

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