BrightonSEO April 2015

Hi all!

With the first BrightonSEO of 2015 seeming more and more like a dream for me, I thought it may be useful to gather up a few resources into one easy to find page (just in case the Delicious link bundle I’ve been spreading around isn’t your jam). This page will include links to some stuff central to my talk, such as a screencast version of the talk itself, but also complimentary bits and pieces related to link building and ROI that should help you further along the path of becoming more efficient and effective in your SEO overall.

The Power of Backlink Discovery Slide Deck

The Power of Backlink Discovery Screencast

A version of the talk is up on YouTube so you can watch on demand and pause whenever you so desire (even if the reason for pausing is because my East Midlands twang makes things a little hard to understand).

What makes “good” ROI with link building?

The checklist I promised right at the end of my talk can be found here: Good Link Building ROI Checklist. It aims to help support you in finding what good ROI means for you in your link building endeavours, because there’s no rule of thumb!

Additional Reading

Maximizing Online ROI: 3 Technical SEO Tips – First in the Maximize ROI series, I wrote this blog post to identify some “low hanging fruit” that you can go pick in very little time. From tel=”” links to Schema, this post aims to arm you with techniques that require very little investment but deliver a great amount of return.

Maximizing Online ROI 2: Focusing on Measurable Wins! –  Second in the same series, this post is written by Search Engine Strategist Wilson Wong. It’s a great read and really reiterates that idea of focusing on what’s best for the client to get the greatest return on your investment first. We all get a little lost in the weeds from time to time!

10 Ways to Build a Link in 20 Minutes Flat – I had the pleasure of speaking at BrightonSEO as part of the Link Building track with Matthew Barby. This slide deck is a MUST read, whether you attended the conference or not Matthew gives a TON of actionable insight – doesn’t the name say it all?!