Digital Dabbler Strikes Again

After recently reading Seth Godin’s “Poke The Box” I felt inspired, so much so that I’ve found myself doing just what he told me, I’m poking the box. I have always slightly felt that you can’t force being an initiator, if an idea is crap, it’s crap, you can’t dress shit up as gold. With that moral in mind I want to continue sitting back and waiting for my time, waiting for an idea that I believe in enough to poke everyone’s box with it (and by poke I do mean smash over the head with a giant stick labelled “IDEA”). For now however, I’ve taken baby steps, poking MailChimp’s box.

To be totally honest I was worried I was just being blonde, won’t lie.

In short: MailChimp may be throwing up a possibly very obvious (but not to me) warning about things not working on their “Drag & Drop” beta. All in all though, the beta is pretty nifty to be honest, makes going back to designing in tables do-able without crushing your 2012 understanding of web standards.

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