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Bring on BrightonSEO

The Event

Tomorrow will see my second BrightonSEO and to say I’m excited would be an understatement!

Just in case you don’t know about this one, BrightonSEO is a free, all day search marketing event held at the Brighton Dome twice a year. It’s organised excellently by the fantastical Kelvin Newman and over the years has featured presentations from the likes of Dave Trott, Will Critchlow founder of Distilled, Richard Baxter CEO of SEOGadget, Roger Warner founder of Content and Motion, Neil Walker from Quaero Media and a plethora of other talented and experienced speakers from a wealth of different positions in the digital industry.

The Talks

Tomorrow will see my bum firmly placed on a probably not so comfortable seat in the Corn Exchange for the whole of the day! Now I know there are a panel of xGooglers ready to answer any question right around the corner on the stage of the Dome Concert Hall but c’mon, I can’t miss all the data goodies from Alex Moss and Alan Cairns. I’m looking forward to a morning of structured data and markup related speak to see if I can’t learn a thing or two and give my little review mark up guide a reboot.

The rest of the morning will plunge into the depths of Google Analytics and with the likes of Koozai’s Anna Lewis and Freshegg’s Dara Fitzgerald, who can go wrong? I’ve experienced a steep learning curve over the last six months at SiteVisibility and I’ve been able to see the practical application of Google Analytics and how crucial it is to campaign progress, it’s also one of the reasons I’m so into conversion rate optimisation (In Page Analytics ftw). I’m hoping my eyes get opened a little wider and I get to see the true capabilities of Google’s most powerful tool.

My particular potential favourite for the afternoon session is Dan Patamore from Argos with his talk “Dealing with onsite SEO on huge sites”. Since joining SiteVisibility I have been able to experience a variety of sites in a variety of sectors and I’ve come to understand that e-commerce sites are something else entirely. My day to day sees me recommend a ton of onsite SEO changes and these recommendations are often for e-commerce clients. With a company as big as Argos I’d love to see how this process scales upwards and onwards.

The Speakers

The last 12 months have seen me grow from a BSc Digital Media Development student at Brighton University to a fully fledged member of the technical SEO team at SiteVisibility. Along with all this knowledge has come a passion to present. I use the term “present” rather loosely, more accurately I mean I love to have a natter to a room full of people about my experiences and passions in the digital marketing sector and hopefully, help them. At the beginning of the year I did my first speaking gig at Brighton Social Media Meetup and spoke about Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, check it out here.

With that in mind, I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the speakers presenting styles and decks. I have a drive to share everything I know to as many people as possible and I feel that attending the great BrightonSEO is a step towards bettering myself as a speaker. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me up there one day?!

The Growth

As BrightonSEO is a bi-annual event it will be interesting to witness the growth the industry has experienced over the last sixth months. September’s BrightonSEO saw great discussion around the marrying of usability and SEO, social media and SEO and all other kinds of marketing areas and SEO. I wonder how everybody in the industry has progressed in these areas and how well it’s worked? Have agencies and in house teams married techniques and seen positive results or significant changes?

One thing’s definitely on the cards, the whole linkbuilding going down the toilet thing. Thanks Penguin. And wait, will anyone there actually know what happened on the 18th of January?!

For more information check out the BrightonSEO site.

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