How To: Review Schema

I love working with the guys at SiteVisibility because there’s always a chance to learn. I had been working for the company a matter of weeks and within the blink of an eye found myself at my very first BrightonSEO.┬áIt was at this excellent conference that I was invited, as part of the SiteVisibility team, to attend the “Microformats, Schema & Rich Snippets Training” workshop held by Richard Baxter, the founder and Director at SEOgadget.

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How To Do Keyword Research

On a cold Wednesday evening I was forced to decide between watching Homeland and making my very first tutorial, don’t judge me for my choice.

I ended up accidentally on purpose downloading a bit of screen recording software and trying to explain how I do keyword research. I’m hoping that this will be a useful introduction to this fundamental digital marketing strategy and that people who are completely new to this, or even people who are re-visiting the basics, learn something they didn’t know before.

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