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Dear First Year Digital Media & Digital Media Development Students,

Firstly, I’m sorry if I scared (or scarred) you with my wild hand gestures, overly enthusiastic tone and rapid rate of speech when talking about my placement experience to you guys – I get a little excited about the position you guys are in right now and the opportunities available to you when it comes to choosing your careers. Although I do feel like a combination of my Mum and a fortune cookie when I say this, and although that is a terribly frightening pairing, these are some words that you need to hear:

A placement is one of the best things you can possibly do to help kickstart your career.

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What is Monthly SEO?

In March I had the pleasure of facilitating a session at the iMedia conference, an all day event held at the Fantasyland Hotel in West Edmonton Mall. Although the primary focus of the day was social media, my session was a part of the “technical track” and in this I was able to explore practical SEO through my experience with the family food project I co-founded,

Between my mad babbles, wild hand gestures and my undoubtedly unintelligible accent (I’m sure Canadians struggle to keep up with my thick East Midlands twang) I received one of those questions that you know you should be able to answer, but because of the unexpectedness of it all you get a bit flustered, suffer some kind of performance anxiety and don’t know what to say. It was:

“What is monthly SEO?”

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How NOT to Screw Up Your MajesticSEO Data

Post difficulty level: Intermediate.

This is a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. It’s for those SEO’s who know their way around link library MajesticSEO and robust link crawler (amongst many other things) Screaming Frog. There are a number of different situations in which the information in this post would be handy, primarily:

a) If you were to provide a client, or project manager, with an estimate as to how long a link detox task would take.

b) Performing a link analysis task whereby you would need a list of all client backlinks in order to go through them and remove them using whatever process you see fit (this process is subjective and I may publish the process I use on this blog in the near future!)

Let’s get down to it shall we?

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Tales From My Pyjamas

For every working person on the planet there is a different way of working. Now, obviously I can’t transcribe the way in which all 7, 166, 269, 883 billion people on the planet work (yes yes I know that not all 7 billion of us work, give the babies and the pensioners a break) but I can name a few common job types, some of which might be familiar to you:

  1. 9-5 office job
  2. Contracting
  3. Freelancing
  4. Temping

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Being Old Isn’t That Bad

Dear 16 year old girls of the world, particularly those who frequent aeroplanes. Hi there, only me, the has-been, perhaps the one you’d now call a “lady”. Just thought I’d let you know, from female to female, ex 16 y/o to current 16 y/o, that we hate you. You’ll be comforted to know I’m not using one bad example to judge you all, I’m blessed with a significant sample of 45 of you. Yes that includes you Tourist 1, Tourist 2, Rae Rae, Voldemort, Potter and Tupper to name a few.

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Digital Dabbler Strikes Again

After recently reading Seth Godin’s “Poke The Box” I felt inspired, so much so that I’ve found myself doing just what he told me, I’m poking the box. I have always slightly felt that you can’t force being an initiator, if an idea is crap, it’s crap, you can’t dress shit up as gold. With that moral in mind I want to continue sitting back and waiting for my time, waiting for an idea that I believe in enough to poke everyone’s box with it (and by poke I do mean smash over the head with a giant stick labelled “IDEA”). For now however, I’ve taken baby steps, poking MailChimp’s box.

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