The 15 Minute Guide to On Site SEO

Let’s say you’ve made a site, it’s all online and you’ve been pushing it for a couple of months now. You’ve let your friends know through Twitter and Facebook, even Google+ at a push, you’ve thought about drumming up some PPC, you’ve even thought about putting offers on some of your products just to get the visits up. In short; you’re stumped as to why you’re not somewhere on the first page in Google’s SERPs.

How about going back to basics? Sure you’ve got your site, but are all of your H1 tags optimised? Are your title tags shorter than 64 characters and not full of garbage? Do your URLs contain more than one number? This is on site or on page SEO, and before promoting your site and looking at Google Analytics for an improvement in traffic, you need to get this right first.

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Being Old Isn’t That Bad

Dear 16 year old girls of the world, particularly those who frequent aeroplanes. Hi there, only me, the has-been, perhaps the one you’d now call a “lady”. Just thought I’d let you know, from female to female, ex 16 y/o to current 16 y/o, that we hate you. You’ll be comforted to know I’m not using one bad example to judge you all, I’m blessed with a significant sample of 45 of you. Yes that includes you Tourist 1, Tourist 2, Rae Rae, Voldemort, Potter and Tupper to name a few.

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The Tipping Point 2012

It was an eerie mid-December evening when I decided to step up. The torrent of free drinks nearly drunk dry, the atmosphere rife with chatter and festivity, I seized my first moment, nay, my only moment. Stepping into the spotlight the room quietened, what was once joyous now eager, waiting.

OK let’s cut the crap, as much as I’d love to describe all of my life experiences in a Tolkien-esque way, I’m in digital marketing, we’re not linguists, plus I can’t draw maps that well. In reality I’ve always loved knowledge exchange, from explaining stuff to classmates to learning stuff from classmates (I told you I wasn’t a linguist). It seems natural progression led me to believing in sharing my knowledge and ideas in a more public setting, I’m thankful for this as it threw me into my first public talk at the Brighton Social Media meet up in December.

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How To: Review Schema

I love working with the guys at SiteVisibility because there’s always a chance to learn. I had been working for the company a matter of weeks and within the blink of an eye found myself at my very first BrightonSEO. It was at this excellent conference that I was invited, as part of the SiteVisibility team, to attend the “Microformats, Schema & Rich Snippets Training” workshop held by Richard Baxter, the founder and Director at SEOgadget.

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How To Do Keyword Research

On a cold Wednesday evening I was forced to decide between watching Homeland and making my very first tutorial, don’t judge me for my choice.

I ended up accidentally on purpose downloading a bit of screen recording software and trying to explain how I do keyword research. I’m hoping that this will be a useful introduction to this fundamental digital marketing strategy and that people who are completely new to this, or even people who are re-visiting the basics, learn something they didn’t know before.

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Digital Dabbler Strikes Again

After recently reading Seth Godin’s “Poke The Box” I felt inspired, so much so that I’ve found myself doing just what he told me, I’m poking the box. I have always slightly felt that you can’t force being an initiator, if an idea is crap, it’s crap, you can’t dress shit up as gold. With that moral in mind I want to continue sitting back and waiting for my time, waiting for an idea that I believe in enough to poke everyone’s box with it (and by poke I do mean smash over the head with a giant stick labelled “IDEA”). For now however, I’ve taken baby steps, poking MailChimp’s box.

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5 Digital Marketing Tools That Even Your Grandma Could Use To Rank

Since joining the team at SiteVisibility back in May I’ve learnt a ton of things. The one ideal I’ve been trained in the most is “Work Smart Not Hard”.

Sure you can spend a few days or more figuring out how you’re going to get people to see your new fangled website just to come up with “I’m going to use every social network ever” or “oh hey, I make tshirts, this means I’ll mention the word tshirts on every page and Google will pick me up!”.

That’s cool bro, but what if your audience doesn’t use twitter, Google+ or YouTube? what if Google goes all penguin on your ass and you end up on page 50 of the SERPs?

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